Bayou Bully Rescue is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization located in West Monroe, LA.
We pull pit bulls and other bully breeds from high kill shelters where most dogs await
their kill date.  Our mission is to provide loving homes for many of the homeless and
misunderstood "bully" breeds and to help raise awareness of overpopulation.
       So, who are we and how did we start?  
It all began in a one week span, when two women realized the need to have a rescue
dedicated to a breed that most people don't take the time to get to know before they judge.
Sadly the local shelter, like most, does not adopt out and dog labeled as a pit or pit mix.
These ladies knew there had to be something they could do!
Briar, Autumn, and Beaux were the first three rescues made as Bayou Bully Rescue, and all
within days of each other. Briar was found roaming the streets with a terrible skin
condition. She was not aggressive, yet people feared her simply based on her look. Bayou
Bully Rescue stepped up and took Briar into their care. She received the love,
understanding, and medical care she needed to heal. Once Briar was well she found a
home where she would never be misunderstood again. Then there was Autumn, she was in
the local shelter, as a pit mix her fate was certain and not good. She also needed vet care
that the shelter could not provide even if she hadn't been a "death row dog". Bayou Bully
Rescue stepped in and immediately took her for the care and surgery she needed. Autumn
was also adopted by a family who understands that even though she still bares the
physical scars, she loves with all she has. Lastly there was Beaux who was found dumped
on a country road. The person who first spotted Beaux stated he was "an aggressive loose
pit bull and no one can catch him". Yet again judgment based on looks. Beaux was
terrified, but with patience and sliced ham he showed it wasn't aggression, but confusion
and fear. Sadly, despite the hard work and love from Bayou Bully Rescue and the
vet, Beaux's previous owner did not properly care for him and the vet could not save him
from his heartworms.
There is so much heart break in rescue; these three are just a glimpse of the
misunderstanding and improper care. Bayou Bully Rescue works hard to ensure that every
single animal in their care knows the days of pain and suffering are over. They see to it that
each and every dog feels safe and loved until the very end. The abuse ends with US!
Our adoption process:
*All applicants must fully complete our adoption application and return to us.  
*Next we check vet references and schedule a time for a home visit. 
*Finally, once everything is approved, the adoption fee of $125 must be paid.
(An adoption application can be found under the Adoptable Dogs tab.)